Neon Velvet is your elegant sparkle of joy.The very best dance music for the perfect party. 70s, 80s, 90s, contemporary hits and traditional classics.All presented with precision, excitement, and timeless style.Neon Velvet has built a dedicated following at clubs, concerts and festivals around Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, and has become the in-demand dance band for private parties, weddings and corporate events (venues). Neon Velvet is easy to work with (testimonials) and truly enjoy helping to create a positively unforgettable event for you.




Ceremony Performance

Mellow/Jazzy Dinner Set

Full Production Dance Set

Add Velvet Horns Section

Song Requests - Songlist

Neon Velvet puts extra loving care into each occasion, making sure your essence is captured and celebrated. Click here to contact 



What is the cost to hire Neon Velvet for my private event?

Send a message for a timely quote. Factors include, location, production level, etc.

Does Neon Velvet offer virtual or pre-recorded concerts?

Yes we do!


Will Neon Velvet travel for my event?

Neon Velvet plays everything from local to international events. 


What is a Neon Velvet show like?

A Euphoric celebration with state-of-the-art lights and sound, props, choreography and high fashion.  All done with a warm personal touch. 


How do I see Neon Velvet live?

Click here for public shows

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